Spreading god's word

s i n c e 1903

In 1902, fourteen people met with the pastor of the Stillmore Circuit and organized Metter Methodist Church. The first services were held on the second floor of a blacksmith shop located on the south side of Highway 46.  By 1914, Metter was on a circuit with Portal, Register, and Adabelle.  The pastors were paid with produce and cured meats. On October 19, 2003, our church celebrated its 100th anniversary.

We are still going strong today!

our beliefs

At Metter Methodist, we believe that Jesus is the only source of true hope for the world and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything.  The Cross really matters.

We believe that the Bible is the great source of truth, and we are committed to prayerfully communicating its truth with passion and clarity.

We preach and teach Wesleyan theology, encouraging others to live a life of grace in all of its fullness.

We believe that it is equally important to care for a person spiritually as well as their physical needs.

To see detailed information on the beliefs, history and membership of the Global Methodist Church, please visit www.globalmethodist.org.

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